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Who are we?

The Institute of Forensic Auditors (IFA) is without doubt that it is the pioneer of the Forensic Auditing profession in Zimbabwe having been founded in 2012 and is the largest certification body covering more than twenty disciplines aligned to forensic auditing. It has over the years built a lot of trust and confidence  with the world at large where it enjoys some reciprocal arrangements with fellow institutions. We offer remote and credible certification examinations leading to the award of professional credentials such as the Certified Forensic Auditor (CFA). 
Our members are experts in forensic auditing,  forensic investigations, fraud investigations, private investigations, cybercrime and digital investigations. The high level of training we offer allows our members to testify in courts of law as expert witnesses. We leave no stone unturned!

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Book your exam, any day, anytime, from where ever you're. This is what we call DEMAND EXAM which gives you the flexibility to schedule the exam on your own and at your own pace! DEMAND EXAM facility only cost you USD30.00 which may be payable using your own local currency.

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Classic Webinars and Conferences

We deliver our certification through a blended learning approach from wherever you're. There is no need for you to attend physical masterclasses. Our platform is well technologically advanced to offer you classic audio and video quality that is next to none. 

Qualified and Experienced Course Instructors

We deliver all our certification courses through our qualified and experienced Course Instructors who are holders of a minimum of a Masters Degree otherwise the majority are PhD instructors are also holders of the relevant certification courses. To add value to our candidates, our course instructors have the relevant industrial experience, making them the best across the world.

100% Online Certifications

At the top of our priority is convenience, affordability and equal opportunities for all. Whether you are in a rural or urban area, there is no difference so long you have an internet connectivity, you can register for any of our certification courses and start your professional journey. Our online examination system allows remote proctoring and penalizes thought caught plagiarizing where one will be booted from the examination room and expelled permanently from the Institute.

Get System and Verifiable PDF Certificate, all issued by our eLearning System

The good news we have is that all our certification certificates are issued by the system and no manual or hard copies are issued. The candidate gets his or her PDF certificate, which can be printed to have a hard copy. The manual system is not waterproof and watertight and hence the move towards 100% computerization of everything that we're now doing. Moreover our new system fully complies with the COVID 19 worldwide regulations and is environmental friendly, Why waste paper all the time? Is it not against the Environmental Management Act? Complying with laws of the land is our top priority. We're always there to verify any certificate we would have issued. This new system is with effect from the 1st September 2021.